Music Appreciation: TEDxAmsterdam 2011 – Henkjan Honing

Henkjan Honing cites studies and engages his audience in auditory participation to shed light on how absolute pitch is very common and relative pitch is very special and fundamental in music appreciation.

  • Common mechanisms we use to appreciate music: 1) Absolute pitch 2) Sense of Rhythm
  • Special mechanisms we use to appreciate music: 1) Relative pitch 2) Beat induction (innate, not learned)



Henkjan Honing

Henkjan Honing

Henkjan Honing (1959) holds a KNAW-Hendrik Muller chair in Music Cognition at the University of Amsterdam and conducts his research under the auspices of the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation (ILLC), and the University of Amsterdam’s Cognitive Science Center Amsterdam (CSCA).

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