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New Children’s Book — The First Jammie Cats Adventure is Now Available
Feb 10, 2017
Sirius Press announces Terre Britton’s Jammie Cats(TM) Count! The Magical Forest

Interview with American Thriller/Mystery writer Al Boudreau, on “Author’s Dialogue”
Jun 13, 2011
Al Boudreau joins Terre Britton to discuss his career as a Thriller/Mystery writer and his book “In Memory of Greed.”

Interview with American Thriller/Mystery Writer Tom Drinkard, on “Author’s Dialogue”
Jun 05, 2011
Ex-military, former teacher and non-fiction writer, Thomas Rowe Drinkard, joins Terre Britton to discuss his current career as a Thriller/Mystery writer.

Interview with Canadian Pulp Fiction, Manga & Fantasy writer Calvin Daniels, on “Author’s Dialogue”
May 29, 2011
Journalist, author, and publisher Calvin Daniels joins Terre Britton on “Author’s Dialogue.”

Interview with Australian Crime Fiction Novelist Carole Sutton, on “Author’s Dialogue”
May 22, 2011
Convent-schooled Carole Sutton grows into a Crime Fiction author—her thrillers riddled with murder and mystery.

Interview with American Cowboy Poet Dale E. Page on “Author’s Dialogue”
May 15, 2011
Dale E. Page—dude wrangler, bull rider, former USAF pilot, and award-winning poet—champions Cowboy Poetry and offers insights into the heart of his craft.

Interview with American Visionary Fiction Author C.A.Chicoine on “Author’s Dialogue”
May 08, 2011
Writer, songwriter and poet Craig Chicoine shares significant insight into the evolution of the Gray Locke series.

Interview with British Fantasy Author Mitchel Rose on “Author’s Dialogue”
May 01, 2011
Mitchel Rose, British Fantasy, Pulp Adventure and Science Fiction novelist shares his inspirations and experiences as writer and collaborator.

Easter Sunday Interview with Natalie Fuhr-Salvatore on “Author’s Dialogue”
Apr 24, 2011
Natalie Fuhr-Salvatore, Christian author, poet, musician and publisher, joins Terre Britton for an Easter Sunday interview highlighting her literary accomplishments influenced by first-time motherhood and a vision of sharing her faith.

Kevin Lee Ushers in “Author’s Dialogue” Hosted by Terre Britton
Apr 17, 2011
Canadian writer, Kevin Lee—author of the ‘TRIO Trilogy’— is interviewed by fellow-writer, Terre Britton, for “Author’s Dialogue,” the new author interview series, sponsored by Sirius Press, Inc.

Terre Britton to Host “Author’s Dialogue”—an Interview Series Sponsored by Sirius Press, Inc.
Apr 14, 2011
Terre Britton—author and designer—is host of ‘Author’s Dialogue,’ a new author interview series, sponsored by Sirius Press, Inc.

‘Energetics’ the New Science Fiction Thriller Sparks Enthusiastic Reviews
Mar 28, 2011
‘Energetics: The First Order’ has been awarded two more 5-Star reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

Cheaper than a designer cup of coffee, but enough Energy to last your lifetime!
Mar 26, 2011
The Kindle edition of ‘Energetics: The First Order’ has been reduced to $3.99 . . . Check it out on Amazon!

The Dynamics of Writing “Energetics: The First Order” Interview with co-author Terre Britton
Mar 15, 2011
Terre Britton, co-author of the new Science Fiction Thriller, “Energetics: The First Order,” is interviewed by Thomas Drinkard, of Pinnacle Writing. (Bonus included: insight into one of their main characters—’Uncle Eddie’.)

The Ghost Wind – Combing Pulp And Manga Inspirations From Granton City Press
Mar 14, 2011
In a remote monastery in the mountains of Japan young Yoshi Kobayashi is trained in the ways of the ninja, forged into a deadly weapon, his instincts and fighting prowess honed to perfection. He is the ultimate warrior. He is the ‘Ghost Wind’.

Facebook Narrows the Creative Gap for Daniels and Rose
Mar 10, 2011
Canadian author Calvin Daniels and British author Mitchel Rose collaborate through Facebook to write the Manga fiction novel, “The Ghost Wind.”

Snowbound Critic on a 5-Star “Non-stop Weekend Read!”
Feb 25, 2011
Further 5-Star accolades on for “Energetics: The First Order,” the new Science Fiction Thriller by co-authors Daniel Ward & Terre Britton.

“Energetics delivers an explosive punch—a great read!” First Review on
Jan 22, 2011
“Energetics: The First Order,” the new Science Fiction novel by co-authors Daniel Ward & Terre Britton, received its first review on to an enthusiastic 5-star rating.

Ward & Britton—Authors of New Sci-Fi “Energetics”—Now Members of The Independent Author Network
Jan 22, 2011
Daniel Ward & Terre Britton, co-authors of the new Science Fiction novel, “Energetics: The First Order,” are new members of The Independent Author Network—a group of like minded authors who are self published or published by a small indie press.

New SciFi Book From Former Yorkton Resident
Jan 20, 2011
Canadian journalist, Calvin Daniels, highlights Ward & Britton’s new SciFi/Thriller–Energetics: The First Order—in Britton’s hometown newspaper, ‘Yorkton This Week.’

Kindle eBook: 2011 Release—Non-Fiction: “Fairy Godmother” to Empower Christians?
Jan 19, 2011
Canadian Writer Natalie Fuhr-Salvatore’s new book, “Fairy Godmother: Embracing God’s Plan for Your Life” will empower Christians and change seekers’ lives.

Kindle eBook Release—”Energetics: The First Order” on—Daniel Ward & Terre Britton
Jan 14, 2011
New Sci-Fi Thriller “Energetics: The First Order,” by authors Daniel Ward and Terre Britton, is now available as a Kindle eBook on

SciFi Book Release—Energetics: The First Order—Grabbing the Wolf by the Ears to Heal Our Future?
Jan 11, 2011
Sci-Fi Thriller “Energetics: The First Order,” by Daniel Ward and Terre Britton, launches humankind on a path to healing the future. First in the series “The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom,” now available at

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