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Sirius Press is serious about authors. Our focus is to help educate and promote new and established authors, and one of our complimentary services is author interviews.

Our Sunday Series has drawn to a close.

We are grateful to all the authors and supporters who took part in our series.

You can read their interviews here.

The series was hosted by Terre Britton

Jammie Cats™ Count! The Magical Forest

Terre is an illustrator, fine artist, writer, and is owner of Terrabyte Graphics.

In February 2017 she published her first children’s book Jammie Cats Count! The Magical Forest, which is available on Amazon.

Terre and husband Daniel live in Florida. Their book Energetics: The First Order  the first book in their  Science Fiction Thriller series The Four Orders of Inherent Freedom — will be available in the fall of 2017. 



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  1. Thank you Terre for hosting my interview in Author’s Dialogue. I found the whole process quite enjoyable, no doubt due to your patience. I wish you luck with recently published Energetics: The First Order – and the rest of the series.

    Carole Sutton

  2. Carole, thank you so much; however, the pleasure was all mine. And discovering the roots of your inspiration was an unexpected surprise!

    Thank you for your kind wishes.

    All the best,

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