Storyteller and Filmmaker Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog Talks About The Chicken Twins

In this video, German filmmaker Werner Herzog (@wernerherzog) appears in conversation with acclaimed author and essayist, Pico Iyer at UC Santa Barbara. I’m not sure how many times I’ve watched and listened to it, but I find it to be one of the finest examples of storytelling. On the back of Herzog’s engaging delivery, the story naturally unfolds and numerous peculiar surprises are revealed from one moment to the next. Who is your favorite storyteller?

4 thoughts on “Storyteller and Filmmaker Werner Herzog

  1. Hi Terre,

    Welcome back! I’m so happy to see you here on Creative Flux again. This is very engaging – not only the story but the delivery by the storyteller- told with enthusiasm, animated facial expressions and hand gestures and humor. It is a great example of capturing our audience by believing in our story. Thanks for sharing. I find Ira Glass’ storytelling series to be very engaging and entertaining, too

    • Thanks, Kathy! It’s great to be back! You are so right about his enthusiasm and spirited gesticulations; the entire “performance” is entirely captivating. And thanks for letting me know that Ira Glass has a storytelling series, I’ll be sure to check it out. So happy you dropped in to hear about the Chicken Twins and comment, Kathy.~*

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